Teaching With Tech: Automatic Assessment And Progress Tracking

Teachers are constantly evolving new teaching techniques. The same is true in the e-learning and tech field. Not enough has been done to connect these in order to facilitate teachers' jobs.

At EnglishKey, we are always striving to innovate and create better teacher/student experiences. We have designed a high quality ESL courseware that helps you save time with planning and correcting. For example: you have multiple grammar activity sheets; you spend precious teacher time looking over each sheet. If it takes you one minute to correct this activity for each student, and you have thirty students, that is half an hour spent correcting. Instead, you could assign students our lessons, grammar or vocab activities and other games on the platform. When students have completed an activity, they will automatically see their grades on the screen. The activity will appear with what they got right and what they got wrong with the correct answer. These grades are instantaneously transferred to the teacher responsible for the student. Students' homework is viewed on the teacher's dashboard and is saved so you can constantly review how students are performing. In the present system, students might take five, ten, fifteen minutes or maybe more to complete an activity. You then collect worksheets and spend time correcting them. If you were to use the same activities on our platform, you would automatically receive student answers and grades as soon as an activity is completed. EnglishKey's Tracking and Progress dashboard for teachers will help you do amazing things, and faster than before. Focus more on helping your students with their questions and do what you do best, teach!