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EnglishKey's online learning platform is very effective; the students love it! After learning a lesson in the class they practice a lot on their own using the games and quizzes.

MarceloOwner, RightOnEnglish School

Online learning with EnglishKey was a lot of fun! The course was very interesting. The quizzes helped me reinforce what I learned. The speaking practice really increased my confidence.

AlexEngineer at a Fortune 500 corporation

English Schools and Teachers

Top 4 Reasons You Should Start Using Our Online Learning Platform

Online Learning Platform

For English schools, teachers and their students

1. Teachers teach
2. Students   practice
3. Teachers track
and so much more...

Online Learning Platform

English schools and teachers use it for

Classroom and Online Teaching

Teach directly from the platform using ready-to-teach ESL lesson plans from our courseware. The courseware is CEFR-based, structured, theme-based and interactive with lots of animations, audios and activities.

Practice and Tracking

Assign exercises to the students to practice the lessons you teach. The platform provides hundreds of highly engaging quizzes and games. Students see the lessons assigned in their dashboard. When students solve the quizzes, track their progress and see where they need help.


Teachers can teach from their own lessons and assign a related lesson from our courseware to the students. Students can review the lesson online and solve exercises and play games. Teachers can then track students' progress.

Self-Paced Online Learning

Beginners, learn English on your own!

Personalized for you!

Start at your level, choose what you want to learn, and what pace you want to learn.

Instant Feedback

Learn faster as the platform corrects most of the quizzes automatically and provides instant feedback on your answers.


Learn from the convenience of your home. Learn when it suits you.

Speaking Practice

The platform has automatic speech recognition. Build confidence to speak in English with hundreds of speaking activities.

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Courses for Self-Paced Online Learning

Low Beginner and High Beginner courses

Live-Video Classes

Learn with an instructor!

American Instructors

Our thoroughly-trained American instructors are your best bet to learn business English.

Syllabus Based on Real-Life Business Situations

Learn how to speak in a wide variety of real-life business situations.

Live Video Streaming

We use live video to bring our teachers directly to you. All you need:

Convenient Schedule

Choose weekly lesson times that suits your schedule. The live lessons are one hour long and will be scheduled at the same time each week.

Courses with Live-Video Streaming

Learn with an instructor!

Learning Activities

For All Courses

Visual Vocabulary

Pictures are the best way to introduce new vocabulary. Learn the vocabulary first with pictures. Then use animated flashcards to verify that you learned.


All the words relevant to the theme of the lesson are presented with meanings, example sentences and audios.


Grammar explanations with animations, audio narrations, lots of examples and quizzes so you learn grammar easily.


Simple conversations with audios relevant to the theme. These get you trained to speak about the theme.

Short Story

Interesting short stories with audio narrations to further familiarize you with the theme.


Create your review lists easily at a lesson level or at the course level. Reduce the list as you master the vocabulary.

Quizzes and Games

For All Courses

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