Teaching English Grammar Made Easy!

Hello, English teachers. We know grammar is not always the easiest and most interesting topic to teach in English, so we have tried to make it more engaging.

With EnglishKey's online learning platform, we have presented grammar in a new format. First, all the grammar lessons can be given in the classroom, online, or as homework to the student. Each grammar lesson has numerous slides and explanations to aid students in their learning. The detailed explanations and examples are helpful for the teacher as well.

Every grammar slide has audio narration with explanations, so students can learn or review on their own. Basic level English grammar also offers audio narrations in Spanish and Portuguese to help new learners better comprehend the subject.

When it comes time to review, students can easily click a button and go straight to the exercises. All of the exercises are linked to the content that was taught and are inside the same platform, not an external link. Students can go through several engaging activities and instantly see the corrections. All grades go into the student's dashboard and to the appropriate teacher. This gives teachers the ability to follow up on each student and check performance. A teacher can easily see where a student needs help, then can assign reinforcement activities and give more explanations for difficult content.

We have tried to make your lives easier by presenting you with ready-to-teach grammar lessons and activities all in one place. We want you to focus on what you love doing most, teaching!

Feel free to check out a short video on demonstrating a grammar lesson on the Online Learning Platform. You can also visit our website and sign up for free to start using our grammar and learning content.

Happy Teaching!